There are ideas: business visions, feeling of a brand, a product that may make people’s life simpler. But ideas are intangible no matter how beautiful they may be in your mind.


At Michiko Design, I make intangible ideas into reality. To realize that, I listen first. I listen to the voice of clients and audience, and understand their ideas, visions, feelings and needs. The clue is always in there. There may be already a solid vision, or may be something abstract and vague.


And I think. What is it that we’re trying to solve here? What is the best form to convey the story that we’re trying to tell? When I listen, images pop up in my mind. It could be something I saw in the past, or a particular person who is using the product we want to promote.


And then I visualize. The images in my head, or the visions you had in your mind, will be visible and concrete. I believe in visual design. It is one of the most powerful ways to convey what you’re trying to tell. When done well, it not only communicates the message, but evokes emotions. When people see it, they “get it”.


Most people may consider only the visualization part as design. But there are always ideas, thoughts and reasons behind the design. No matter what kind of projects it may be, I will always listen, think and visualize.




Michiko Rhoden

Creative Director

With years of experience in design, Michiko is a strong visual communicator and brand builder. Her experience includes building brands and content-rich websites for several startups, among which 3 of them were acquired by high profile companies, to elevating traditional brands to the next level. Her strength is the meticulous eye to pay attention to details, without ever losing the big picture of brand. She brings out the essence of brand through simple yet thoughtful design.

She holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She received awards including Western Art Directors Club: Award of Excellence, Graphis Poster Annual: Gold, Graphis Logo Design: Gold. She is originally from Japan, where she constantly gets inspired by the design.